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HtelGuide site is operated by Amsterdam Hotels Online and provides modern traveller the easy way to find information on all hotels in major citys and make instant reservations for selected number of properties.

Our state-of-the-art reservation system offers a user-friendly, simple interface to real-time availability and room rate hotel information and instant reservation facilities.


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The best way to contact us is by E-mail:

Please send your message with general questions to info@htelguide.com

Email concerning your existing hotel reservation or cancellation to reservations@htelguide.com

For group reservations you can email us to reservations@htelguide.com

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning this website use webmaster@htelguide.com


Please note that we do NOT process reservations or reservation requests by phone or fax. You should make a reservation only through our web site.

W Amsterdam
W Amsterdam
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