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The city of Amsterdam, the cultural capital of Holland has beautiful canals running through the city centre. It earned itself the honorary name of "the Venice of the North", and it keeps attracting travellers from all over the world, and with good reason. Taking a trip along the canals is a must for every lover of architecture, as it offers one the possibility of viewing the city from an incomparably charming angle. Amsterdam is the city of Rembrandt, the famous painter who lived and worked in the old Jewish neighbourhood of the city, where his house can still be visited. The Golden Age is the period of economic and cultural thriving that lasted from roughly 1580 to 1670 - giving us some of the most precious treasures of art as well as architecture. The picturesque buildings that one finds oneself surrounded with in most of the old city centre are an attraction in themselves. But it is not all buildings and paintings in Amsterdam.

All around the world the city is known for its inhabitants tolerant attitude toward soft drugs and prostitution. These controversial elements of city life, add to the diversity of the city. Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife is easily reachable with an excellent public transportation system: pubs in the alleys, clubs on the squares, the Concertgebouw with its famous acoustics, comedy clubs where the Dutch let Americans make fun of them, restaurants with delicacies from every corner of the world - it is all present. One of the most famous and crowd-drawing spots in Amsterdam is the house of Anne Frank. In this house, behind a church, the Jewish girl hid during the war and wrote her diaries. It is visited by many each year and leaves an unforgettable impression on most.

W Amsterdam
W Amsterdam
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